The flexibility of a small/medium company and the experience of a professional multilingual team relying on a network of European partners are the assets of BretaLita.

  • Certificate: ISO 9001
  • Certificate: ISO 14001 
  • Certificate: AEO – Authorised Economic Operator, Customs simplifications/security and safety
The status of AEO lets any company with an activity tied to international commerce to acquire a quality label on the customs processes and security-sureness that it brings in action. It allows the distinction of the most reliable companies. Delivered by the customs of the country's company, it is recognized throughout the entire EU and in the signatory countries of agreements of mutual gratitude. It is attributed to the entire company established at the heart of the EU that fills certain criteria defined by the communitary reglementation.

Our service is conformed to the Ethic and Quality charts of  the ASTRE group.

International French-Lithuanian Transport company, BretaLita is specialized in road transport services between the CIS and European Union, and is one of the leaders in the shipment industry between France and the Baltic Countries.


  • Solvency and financial capacity of the company and its partners
  • The European industry-leading companies trust us
  • Close to 20 years of experience in the Baltic Countries and in Russia
  • Dispatch follow-up of your freight all along the way (keeping you informed by e-mail, fax, telephone, skype)
  • Security of your goods
  • CMR Insurance (or ad-valorem insurance) and freight forwarding insurance

The will to communicate:

  • For each project 2 Bretalita representatives will be at your disposal
  • Easy relationship due to an international staff speaking French, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, English
  • Open communication during the negotiation process


  • Respect of deadlines in the shipment of your merchandise
  • Responsive to your demands and forwarding deadlines
  • Minimizing costs by analyzing carefully each project

We guarantee the best transport service all year round. In case of delay of our vehicle, the volume of our business allows us to replace it in a very short time, to place the second driver or to reserve a ferry-boat ticket to make sure the freight is delivered on time.



Certification AEO


Certification ISO 9001


Certification ISO 14001



Politique de Qualité et d' Environnement


Certification Gazelle


Certificat d‘éco-conduite


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