Palet System Network

The European network Palet System opens you the doors of Europe.


Our network covers 23 European countries with nearly 400 daily connections linking the 9 European transit platforms to regional distributors. The transit platforms are open 24h/7 to optimize the flow of your goods and to guarantee you a deadline within 24 to 96 hours depending on the destination. An extended European network is accessible in a few hours thanks to a high amount of partners spread out in various places. Daily delivery in 23 European countries. PALLET SYSTEM transports the palletized freight in an amount of half a pallet to 10 pallets.


PALLET SYSTEM carries out all the palletized shipments within a guaranteed delivery deadline. It is organized on 10 transit-mutualized platforms (Brusaingham, Nottingham, Dublin, Paris, Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Niort, Frankfurt, Zaragoza) and in the distribution centers of its members.


PALLET SYSTEM, the HQTP solution (High Quality of Palletized Transportation) ensures:

  • A reduction of the number of passed kilometers, a better organization of touring, thanks to the geolocation equipment installed in our vehicles;
  • A continuous traceability.


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